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Article 72

Signature collection in support to candidate to Senate deputies

1. The candidate to the Senate deputies must be supported at least ten percent of votes of the total number of the electors representing all maslikhats of the oblast, maslikhat of the city of the republican status or the capital of the Republic, but not by more than twenty five percent of the votes of electors from one maslikhat.

2. The support of electors shall be confirmed through collection of their signatures. In this case each of electors shall be eligible to put his/her signature in support of only one candidate to the Senate. The signature after registration of the candidate to the Senate shall be revoked only on the basis of the court decision.

3. Collection of signatures in support to the candidate to the Senate shall be organized by proxies and shall be officially registered by subscription lists issued accordingly by the oblast (regional), urban (the city of the Republican status or the capital of the Republic) election commission.

4. Each subscription list shall have its serial number and shall include the surname and given names of the candidate and the person collecting signatures, a personal signature of the candidate as well as the columns containing the following data on the electors, who put their signature:

1) surname and given names;

2) maslikhat that has nominated him/her as deputy;

3) day, month and a year of birth;

4) home address;

5) personal signature.

5. The sample of a subscription list shall be approved by the Central Election Commission. 

6. The filled in subscription lists shall be submitted, accordingly, to the oblast, urban (the city of the Republican status and the capital of the Republic) election commission who shall check the authenticity of the collected signatures with involvement of the staff of the passport services and shall draw out the protocol within five days.

7. If in the result of a check of authenticity of signatures it shall be established that over one percent of the collected signatures are unauthentic, then, the candidate to the Senate deputies shall be denied of registration.