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Article 12

§ 1 Voting in elections shall be conducted in constant and distinct voting circuit established on the territory of the municipality, subject to Art. 14 § 1 and art. 15 § 1

§ 2 The division of the municipality into permanent voting circuits, shall be determined through a resolution of the municipal council on motion of the mayor.

§ 3 A permanent voting circuit should include a vote of 500 to 3000 inhabitants. In cases justified by local conditions, a circuit may include a smaller number of inhabitants.

§ 4 The municipal council, by resolution, on motion of the mayor, shall creates a separate voting circuit for each; health care institution, nursing home, prison and police custody building as well as any external branch of such a detention facility in which there will be at least 15 voters on election day. The requirement to establish such voting circuits may be overcome only in justified case by motion of the person in charge of any of the institutions mentioned herein.

§ 5 In the elections to bodies representing local government and elections of mayors a separate voting circuit shall be established in the institutions referred to in § 4, if on election day at least 15 voters listed in the voter register maintained by the municipal council are present on in the institution.

§ 6 If less than 15 persons are present in the institution referred to in § 4, a separate voting circuit may be established following consultation with the person in charge of a given institution.

§ 7 A separate voting circuit may be created in student dormitories or other student residence facilities run by universities or other entities on the basis of agreements with universities, where at least 50 persons entitled to vote submit written information to the rector of the university to whom the dormitories or student residence facilities belong, indication their intention to remain on the premises of the said dormitories or student residence facilities on voting day.

§ 8 The provision of § 7 is not applicable to elections to bodies representing units of local selfgovernment or elections for the mayor.

§ 9 The municipal council shall establish the voting circuits referred to in § 7, by way of resolution, on motion of the mayor following the obtainment of consent of the rector of the university.

§ 10 The creation of a separate voting circuit is possible at the latest, 35 days prior to the election.

§ 11 In the establishment of voting circuits the municipal council also established their numbers, boundaries and offices of the circuit electoral commissions.

§ 12 The resolution of the municipal council on establishment of voting districts, shall be announced in the official journal of the province and shall be made public in the customary manner. A copy of the resolution shall be forwarded to the mayor of the province and the head of the elections commission.

§ 13 The resolution of the municipal council referred to in § 2, 4 and 9, may be subject to a complaint to the electoral commissioner, submitted by at least 15 voters within 5 days from the date of making the resolution public. The head of the elections commission shall examine the complaint within 5 days and issue a decision. The decision of the head of the elections commission is not subject to further legal remedies.