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Article 16

(1) Not later than five days before election day, each polling station shall:

1)   prominently display announcements about the registered lists of candidates, as well as campaign platforms;

2)   make available to the public the data on each candidate as specified in this Law except the candidate’s ID number.

(2) City and municipality election commissions shall determine in which polling stations the ballots may be submitted for safe-keeping. Not later than 15 days before election day, the city and municipality election commissions shall announce the address and the opening and closing time of the polling stations.

(As amended by the 26 March 1998 Law, the 9 May 2002 Law, the 30 May 2002 Law, the 9 March 2006 Law, the 26 February 2009 Law, the 13 December 2012 Law and the 6 February 2014 Law)