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Article 18

(1) At 7 a.m. the chairperson or the secretary of the polling station commission, in the presence of the commission, shall ascertain whether the ballot boxes are empty. Then the ballot boxes shall be sealed.

(2) At a polling station, up to two authorised observers from each political party or alliance of political parties that has submitted a list of candidates in the given constituency, members of the Central Election Commission, members of the relevant city or municipality election commission and persons authorised by the said commissions, as well as media representatives, may simultaneously observe the election process but may not interfere with the work of the polling station commission. A candidate may not be an authorised observer.

(As amended by the 30 may 2002 Law, the 9 March 2006 Law, the 26 February 2009 Law and the 6 February 2014 Law)