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Article 24

(1) On the basis of a written submission which is filed by a voter, a person authorised by him/her or his/her trustee and which is registered in a special journal, the polling station commission shall conduct voting by secret ballot at the place where the voter is located (off-site) for the following voters:

1) for voters unable to come to the polling station for health reasons, as well as for their caretakers;

2) for caretakers of the ill.

Specially authorised observers shall have the right to supervise such voting.

(2) (Deleted by the 6 February 2014 Law).

(3) Other voters shall not be permitted to vote outside the polling station.

(4) On election day, the polling station commission shall continue to accept written requests to conduct off-site voting. Requests received after 12 o’clock shall be fulfilled if it is possible to arrive at the place where the voter is located before 8 p.m.

(5) Names of the voters who vote off-site as provided in Paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article shall be entered in a separate list of voters, and their sealed ballot envelopes shall be dropped into a separate sealed ballot box.

(6) Information about the ballot envelopes issued at the place where the voter is located and unused ballot envelopes, including damaged ones, shall be entered in the journal of the voting process.

(7) (Deleted by the 26 February 2009 Law).

(As amended by the 30 May 2002 Law, the 9 March 2006 Law, the 26 February 2009 Law and the 6 February 2014 Law)