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Article 58

(1) While the polling station is open and while voting lasts, all members of the polling board or their deputies shall be at the polling station.

(2) Every polling station shall have a separate room where the secrecy of the vote can be ensured.

(3) The number of voters present in the room where the voting is carried out shall be equal to the number of places ensuring the secrecy of the vote.

(4) All persons having no rights and duties in connection with the conduct of the elections laid down by this Law shall be forbidden to linger or remain at the polling station.

(5) Police officers on duty may enter a polling station only at the invitation of the chairperson of the polling board if peace and order at the polling station have been disturbed.

(6) By reason of infringement of the provisions of paragraphs 1-5 of this Article, a complaint may be filed with the Republic Electoral Commission which shall decide whether voting at that polling station shall be repeated.