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Article 39

§ 1 Voting takes place on the premises of the constituency electoral commission, hereinafter referred to as "polling station."

§ 2 If the vote is carried out in one day, voting takes place without interruption from 7.00 to 21.00.

§ 3 If the vote is carried out in two days, the vote takes place the first and second day without a break from 7.00 to 21.00; there shall be a break from 21.00 the first day until 7.00 am on the second day.

§ 4 At the end of voting the chairman of the electoral commission announces the end of voting. From that point onwards only voters, who came to the polling station an hour before the end of the voting time, may vote.

§ 5 Voting in voting circuits established in health care facilities and nursing homes may start later than the time stipulated in § 2 and 3

§ 6 Voting in voting circuits established on Polish ships and abroad is between 7.00 and 21.00 hours local time on each day of voting. If a vote were to be completed on the day following the day of voting in the country, voting shall take place the day before.

§ 7 Constituency electoral commissions may order the early termination of voting in voting circuits established on Polish ships, if all voters registered in the roll of voters cast their votes. A decision for early termination of voting can take place not earlier than at 18.00, and if the vote is carried out in two days, no earlier than 18.00 on the second day. The early close of voting shall be immediately notified by the electoral commission chairman to the person heading the institution referred to in art. 12 § 4 and 7, the mayor and the appropriate higher level electoral commission.