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Article 46

Campaign materials

1. Campaign materials may be displayed on buildings and premises and other facilities with the consent of their owners or possessors.

2. It is prohibited to place/post campaign materials on places of worship, buildings or structures of cultural heritage, in the interior and exterior of buildings of the state and local self-government bodies, courts, the Prosecutor’s Office, military units, divisions of the police, the State Security Service of Georgia, the Georgian Intelligence Service and the Special State Protection Service of Georgia, as well as on traffic signs.

3. Bookmaking regarding any election-related issue is prohibited.

4. Local self-government bodies shall determine the list of premises, as provided for by the second paragraph of this article, where the campaign materials are prohibited to be placed, as well as shall determine the places and/or install stands for posting and displaying campaign materials. Stands must be of such a size that all electoral subjects are provided with equal conditions for the display of campaign materials.

5. Local self-government bodies shall publish the information about places and/or installed stands designated for posting and displaying campaign materials according to this article not later than 10 days before calling elections.

6. Printed campaign materials shall specify the names and addresses of organisations that manufactured and ordered them, as well as information of circulation, sequence number, and date of issue. It is prohibited to disseminate printed campaign materials without indicating the above information. An electoral subject shall be required to indicate the sequence number on printed campaign materials only after having been assigned that number.

7. Copies of printed campaign materials shall be submitted to the election commission, where an electoral subject was registered for elections, not later than the fifth day after the day of issuing the campaign materials referred to in the sixth paragraph of this article.

7.1. Removal, tearing off, covering, or damaging campaign materials, unless they are located in a forbidden place, shall be prohibited and punishable by this Law.

8. The relevant electoral subject shall, within 15 days after the official publication of final results of elections, ensure the removal of campaign materials. Otherwise, the electoral subject shall be held liable under the legislation of Georgia.