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Article 64

Inking of voters

1. Inking of voters shall be conducted in every electoral precinct (except for the cases referred to in the fifth paragraph of this article), which implies applying of invisible and nonhazardous indelible ink on the voter's right thumbnail or forefinger nail (in the case of impossibility to perform this action, the invisible and indelible ink shall be applied on the voter’s right nail of another finger, and if this is also impossible, the same procedure shall be conducted on the left hand).

2. A voter shall go through the inking verification procedure provided by the respective election commission member upon entering a polling room. The commission member shall illuminate the place for inking with a special device and after making sure that a voter has not been inked before, he/she shall grant the voter the right to participate in polling. If the device determines that a voter has been inked before, the voter shall be restricted from participating in polling and his/her name shall be recorded in the log-book.

3. A voter who has gone through the inking verification procedure shall move to the registration desk, where the registrar of voters shall ink a voter and issue a ballot paper(s). In the case of refusal to inking, a voter shall have no right to vote and a ballot paper(s) shall not be issued to him/her.

4. If a member of the election commission, an observer present at an electoral precinct and/or a representative of an electoral subject becomes suspicious of the inking or inking verification procedure, he/she shall have the right to require the repeated conduct of the procedure referred to in the second and/or third paragraph of this article. The same persons shall have the right to require respective responses to any identified violation of the inking procedure.

 5. Inking shall not apply to penitentiary institutions, hospitals and other inpatient facilities (for patients), or to mobile voters.

6. A voter who has gone through the inking procedure and has participated in an election may not vote again at the same or another electoral precinct.

7. An individual violating the requirements referred to in this article shall be held liable under the legislation of Georgia.