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Article 90

§ 1 In order to notify the candidacy of a person to the post of the President of the Republic, at least 15 citizens with the right to vote, shall form an elections committee. This committee based on the principle of exclusivity, is in charge of the election campaign for the notified candidate.

§ 2 An application for candidacy to the post of President of the Republic must be supported by signatures of at least 100,000 citizens having the right to vote to the Sejm. § 3 Election Committee shall appoint:

1) legal representative, subject to Art. 127, to act for and on behalf of the election committee;

2) financial representative referred to in art. 127.

§ 4 The legal representative or financial representative cannot be a candidate for President of the Republic.

§ 5 The legal representative referred to in § 3 paragraph 1, shall inform the National Elections Commission on the establishment of the committee. The notice shall be provide the names, addresses and Social Security identification numbers of citizens forming the electoral committee.

§ 6 In the notice of the establishment of the election committee the following shall be stipulated:

1) the name of the election committee and office address;

2) name (s), name, address and social security identification numbers of the legal and financial representative.