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Article 27

During preparation and conduct of election of deputies of the State Duma, within the scope of its powers set forth by federal laws, the CEC shall:

1) organize the preparation and conduct of the elections; guide the activities of election commissions;

2) exercise control over respect of the electoral rights and provide uniform application of this Federal Law;

3) issue instructions and other normative acts on application of this Federal Law;

4) render assistance to lower election commissions on legal, methodological, technicalorganizational and other matters;

5) advise election commissions on uniform use of GAS Vybory, its technical units, including the vote count unit;

6) develop and submit in the prescribed manner to the State Duma the scheme of singlemandate electoral districts, and in the case provided for by paragraph 12 of Article 12 of this Federal law, approve the scheme of single-mandate electoral districts;

7) decide on issue of assignment of voters residing outside the territory of the Russian Federation to the respective single-mandate electoral districts when determining the scheme of single-mandate electoral districts

8) hear information from officials of federal executive bodies, state bodies of the subjects of Russian Federation and bodies of local government on issues related to the preparation and conduct of elections;

9) distribute funds allocated from the federal budget for financial support of the preparation and conduct of elections, activities of election commissions and execution of their powers, for use and development of computer-based technologies, for teaching of election organizers and voters, as well as control over targeted use of the said funds;

10) register and certify federal lists of candidates, publish registered federal lists of candidates in accordance with part 3 of Article 42 of this Law;

11) register lists of candidates nominated by political parties in single-mandate electoral district;

12) register proxies and agents of political parties, including authorized agents of political parties on financial issues;

13) certify lists of authorized agents of regional branches of political parties on financial issues;

14) issue certificates to the candidates registered on federal electoral district and proxies of political parties nominated federal lists of candidates;

15) control over adherence to the rules of informing of voters and the conduct of election campaign on the territory of the Russian Federation;

16) establish unified numeration of electoral precincts formed outside the territory of the Russian Federation;

17) approve the form of documents pertaining to the preparation and conduct of elections, set security requirements for ballots, absentee vote certificate and, on an as needed basis, voter lists and other documents pertaining to the preparation and conduct of elections, decide on issues of producing of the above-mentioned documents;

18) set the forms of documents in electronic form, how to fill them, including usage of the "Internet", the procedure for the production of paper documents on the basis of the documents in electronic form, and also take measures aimed at assisting political parties, citizens in nominating as candidates in the preparation of documents in electronic form;

19) approve the form of the ballot for voting in federal electoral district and in singlemandate electoral districts;

20) approve the text of the ballot in Russian language for voting in federal electoral district;

21) approve samples of seals of election commissions;

22) approve the procedure for shipment of electoral documents to the election commissions, and, in agreement with the federal executive bodies on document safekeeping, approve the procedure for document safekeeping, archiving and disposal upon the expiry of their safekeeping periods;

23) develop technical standards of the equipment (polling booths and boxes) required for the work of precinct election commissions, approve these standards and exercise control over compliance therewith;

24) consider the matters connected with the logistical support of the election;

25) inform voters about the time and procedure for the performance of electoral actions, the election campaign, about the political parties which nominated their federal lists of candidates and candidates in single-mandate electoral districts, political parties which have registered federal lists of candidates, candidates, registered candidates;

26) determine persons elected deputies of the State Duma in a federal electoral district and issue certificates of election to them;

27) establish and officially publish the election results;

28) compile lists of persons elected as deputies of the State Duma and transfer these lists and necessary documents to the State Duma;

29)appoint and organize and by-elections and repeated elections of deputies of the State Duma;

30) consider complaints (statements) about decisions and actions (inaction) of election commissions of a Russian Federation subject and their officials, appeals against decisions of the DEC on refusal of registration of candidates and decide on complaints (statements);

31) carry out other powers in compliance with this the Federal Law and the Federal Law “On Basic Guarantees”.