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Article 141

The right to run for a Sakrebulo

1. A party, an electoral bloc, a candidate nominated by a party, an electoral bloc, and an initiative group voters composed of 5 people, registered with the respective election commission, shall be authorised to run for a Sakrebulo.

2. The nomination of a candidate by an initiative group of voters shall be endorsed by the signatures of 1% of supporting voters (at least 50 voters), registered in the territory of the corresponding local majoritarian electoral district, and in the case of a local electoral district, in the territory of which the number of registered voters is lower than 200, by the signatures of at least 10 voters.

3. An initiative group of voters and a candidate nominated by such group shall be registered according to the requirements of Article 116 (other than paragraphs (8) and (9) of the same article) of this Law.