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Article 144

Nomination of candidates for member of a Sakrebulo in majoritarian electoral districts

1. The following entities shall have the right to nominate a candidate for member of a local self-government representative body Sakrebulo in the respective electoral district:

a) a party running in elections independently
b) an electoral bloc
c) an initiative group of 5 voters.

2. To nominate a majoritarian candidate in an electoral district, a party/an election bloc, participating independently in the elections, shall apply to the relevant DEC not later than the 30th day before polling day. An initiative group of voters shall apply to the relevant DEC under Article 141(3) of this Law.

3. The application shall specify the following information about a majoritarian candidate:

a) first and last name
b) date of birth (day/month/year)
c) occupation
d) position (activity)
e) place of work (if unemployed, specify ‘unemployed’)
f) personal number of a citizen of Georgia
g) place of registration
h) name of the electoral district, in which he/she is nominated as a majoritarian candidate
i) party membership (if a party member, but if not, specify ‘non-partisan’).

4. An application for nomination of a candidate for member of a local self-government representative body Sakrebulo shall be submitted to the respective election commission. The application shall be endorsed by signatures of authorised representatives of the party or all parties incorporated in the electoral bloc.

5. A photocopy of the identity card of a citizen of Georgia or of the passport of a citizen of Georgia, two photos of a candidate and a registration card (two copies) signed by him/her shall be attached to the application. In addition to the candidate’s personal data (first name, last name, personal number of a Georgian citizen, address (according to the identity card of a citizen of Georgia or the Agency database), date of registration, date of birth), the application shall indicate the fact that such candidate has permanently resided in Georgia for five years, including the last two years; it shall also contain the candidate’s consent to run in the given electoral district.

6. A majoritarian candidate nominated in an electoral district by a party/election bloc participating independently in the elections may simultaneously be on the party list of a respective party/electoral bloc.