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Article 150

1. A DEC may annul polling results in the electoral precinct where the law is grossly violated. Polling results may not be summarised in the DEC until a
decision is made on complaints that could annul polling results in the precinct.

2. Elections shall be declared invalid in an electoral district if the number of invalid ballots in the district is more than half of the total number of voters participating in the election in that district and the results would affect the results of the election.

3. A DEC shall determine election results and draw up a protocol at its session.

4. During elections for a local self-government representative body Sakrebulo, a DEC shall, based on protocols received from PECs, determine the following:

a) total number of voters
b) number of participants in the election
c) number of invalid ballot papers
d) number of votes cast for each electoral subject.

5. A DEC summary protocol of election results shall indicate data provided for by Article 75(2) of this law. A DEC summary protocol shall be drawn up in one copy that shall be transferred to the CEC not later than the day following the day of summing up the results of elections.

6. A certified photocopy of a summary protocol of the election of the Sakrebulo results shall be kept at the relevant DEC. Certified photocopies of a summary protocol shall be given to the credentials committee of the relevant Sakrebulo, as well as to representatives of parties and electoral blocs.

7. A DEC shall, after summarising results, immediately post a copy of the summary protocol of election results in a visible place for public availability. 

8. A DEC shall publish information on the official CEC website of the results of Sakrebulo elections in the respective districts within 10 days after election results are summarised. The information shall also include party affiliation (if a Sakrebulo member has no party affiliation, the word ‘nonpartisan’ shall be  indicated), date of birth, occupation, position, and place of work of elected Sakrebulo members.