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Article 167

Registering Mayoral/Gamgebeli candidates and determining their serial numbers

1. A citizen of Georgia from the age of 25 who has the right to vote and has resided in Georgia for at least five years, including permanently for the last two years until the day the elections are called, may be elected as a Mayor/Gamgebeli.

2. A party/electoral bloc registered under Article 142 of this Law may nominate a Mayoral/Gamgebeli candidate not later than the 30th day before polling day. (Invalidated) – Judgment of the Constitutional Court of Georgia of 14 April 2016 No 3/2/588 – website, 4.5.2016)

2.1. The nomination of a Mayoral/ Gamgebeli candidate shall be the right of a party/electoral block registered in accordance with Article 142 of this Law, as well as an initiative group of voters registered in accordance with Article 141 of this Law, not later than on the 30th day before the polling day.

3. The incompatibility of the Mayoral/Gamgebeli candidate’s status with his/her office shall be determined under Article 136 of this Law. Article 117(5)(e) of this Law shall not apply to the incompatibility of the Mayoral/Gamgebeli candidate’s status with his/her office.

4. A party/an electoral bloc/an initiative group of voters shall submit the documents for the registration of a Mayoral/Gamgebeli candidate to the respective DEC. The documents of the candidate for Mayor of Tbilisi shall be an exception and shall be submitted to the CEC. The chairperson of the respective election commission shall examine the documents submitted for the registration of Mayoral/Gamgebeli candidates and within two days from the submission of documents but not later than the twenty-eighth day before Election Day:

a) register a candidate for Mayoral/Gamgebeli elections if the candidate’s registration documents meet the requirements defined by this Law;

b) notify the representative of the nominating party/electoral bloc/an initiative group of voters in writing of a non-conformity (if any) of the data in the registration documents of the candidate Mayoral/Gamgebeli elections with the requirements determined by this Law (specifying the details of the nonconformity); the representative of the party/electoral bloc/initiative group of voters shall be given two days to bring those documents in compliance with the requirements.

5. The corrected data referred to in paragraph (4)(b) of this article shall be checked and the decision whether to register the candidate shall be made within two days after the data are submitted.

6. If the corrected data conform to the requirements contained in this Law, the chairperson of the election commission concerned shall register the candidate for Mayoral/Gamgebeli elections. In the case of nonconformity, the chairperson of the election commission shall issue an ordinance denying registration for the election (the ordinance shall specify the reasons for denial of registration, as well as the requirements of those legal provisions which form the basis for the refusal). The ordinance shall be immediately communicated to the nominating electoral subject and delivered to it upon request.

7. Within three days after registration of a Mayoral/Gamgebeli candidate, the chairperson of the appropriate electoral commission shall hand him/her a candidate’s certificate.

8. A Mayoral/Gamgebeli candidate shall be registered if the following documents are submitted:

a) the candidate’s registration card
b) the application for nominating the candidate, signed by the heads of parties/electoral blocs; (Invalidated) - Judgement of the Constitutional Court of
b1) an application on the nomination of the candidate, confirmed by signatures of a party/electoral block leader(s), and of members of an initiative group of voters
c) two photos

d) d) a photocopy of the identity card of a citizen of Georgia or the passport of a citizen of Georgia of the candidate.

9. The decision of a nominating electoral subject on nominating a Mayoral/Gamgebeli candidate shall be accompanied by a registration card indicating the candidate’s:

a) first name, last name
b) date of birth (day, month, year)
c) sex
d) address (according to a Georgian citizen’s identity card or the Agency database)
e) personal number of a citizen of Georgia
f) place of work (name of the institution, organisation, enterprise, etc.;
g) position; if unemployed, the word ‘unemployed’ shall be indicated
h) party affiliation; if he/she is not a party member, the word ‘nonpartisan’ shall be indicated
i) the fact that the candidate has permanently resided in Georgia for five years, including for the last two years
j) the candidate’s consent to run for Mayor of Tbilisi
k) signature and date of signature.

10. A Mayoral/Gamgebeli candidate shall not be registered based on the requirements of paragraphs 4-6 of this article, and the registration of an already registered candidate shall be cancelled by an ordinanceof the chairperson of the respective DEC, or for the elections of the Mayor of Tbilisi, by an ordinance of the CEC chairperson (in the cases specified in subparagraphs a-c of this paragraph), or by a court decision (in the case specified in subparagraph d of this paragraph), if the applications and documents submitted to the election commission fail to meet all the requirements of this Law or if any other conditions referred to by this Law are not met, in particular:

a) if data in the applications and documents are incomplete or inaccurate;
b) if there is or was a Mayoral/Gamgebeli candidate’s consent to run simultaneously for Mayor/Gamgebeli in another self-governing unit and/or for anther Sakrebulo;
c) if the requirements under the third paragraph of this article are not met;
d) if the requirements under Article 47(1) and/or Article 48 of this Law are not met.

11. A Mayoral/Gamgebeli candidate shall be assigned the sequence number of the nominating electoral subject. The sequence number of a candidate nominated by an initiative group of voters shall be defined in accordance with the procedure provided for by Article 119(8) of this Law.