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Article 195

§ 1 In the case of the shortening of the term of the Sejm on its own resolution or by order of the President of the Republic, the President shall call elections, setting the date of the election no later than within 45 days from the date of entry into force of the Sejm's resolution on the shortening of its term or the date of issuance of the order of the President of the Republic on the shortening of the term of the Sejm. The order of the President of the Republic calling the election shall be made public in the Public Information Bulletin and published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Poland at the latest 5 days from the date of its signing. The provision of Art. 194 § 2 shall apply accordingly.

§ 2 The elections referred to in § 1 shall be carried out in the manner and under the terms of the Code, subject to:

1) the shortened dates for conducing electoral activities, established by the Code in:

a) Article. 13 § 2 and art. 170 § 2 – reduced to 38 days before election day,

b) in the art. 170 § 3, Art. 204 § 2, 4 and 6 – reduced to 35 days before election day,

c) in the art. 202 § 3 – reduced to 40 days before the election,

d) in art. 210 § 3 and art. 211 § 1 – reduced to the 25th day before election day;

2) the time limits provided for in Article. 218 § 2 for filing and appeals shall be reduced to 2 days;

3) drawing of uniform random numbers for lists of election committees referred to in art. 219 § 1 and art. 220 § 1, are carried out only for lists of election committees, which did not register candidates in previous elections. Committees that participated in previous elections and registered their list in the present elections, retain the numbers assigned to them.