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Article 183

Summarising the referendum results and enforcement of the decision

1. A Referendum issue shall be deemed adopted if more than half of the referendum participants vote in favour of it. The number of votes cast in the election may not include the number of votes recorded on invalid ballot papers.

2. It is prohibited to make a decision on the referendum in the period between calling a referendum and publishing the referendum results.

3. The decision taken as a result of the referendum shall be enforced from the date of its publication; it shall have a legal force and is final. The results of a referendum have a direct effect.

4. Legislative and executive authorities of Georgia are obliged to harmonize Georgian legislation and other legal acts with the referendum results within one month.

5. A decision made as a result of the referendum may be changed or cancelled only by holding another referendum.

6. The Constitutional Court of Georgia has the right to invalidate the referendum results under the procedures as provided for by the law.