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Article 215

§ 1 The constituency electoral commission records the list of candidates presented pursuant to the provisions of the Code, by making the protocol of registration. A copy of the protocol shall be served on the candidates on the list and sent to the National Electoral Commission with statements of the candidates for deputies, or information referred to in art. 212 § 5, paragraph 3

§ 2 The National Electoral Commission shall immediately submit a statement or information which, referred to in Article. 212 § 5 point 3, to the Vetting Office of the Institute of National Remembrance - Commission the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation.

§ 3 If the application contains no defect, other than lack of the required number of signatures of voters duly submitted, the committee requests the person notifying the list to remove the defects within 3 days. In the case defects are not removed within the specified time the commission refuses registration the list in total or with reference to particular candidates. In the case of refusal in respect of certain candidates on the list, subject to the provision of art. 211 § 2, the list is registered in relation to the remainder of the candidate who were not refused registration.

§ 4 The district election commission shall decides to refuse to register a candidate if the candidate does not have a right to be elected; provision of § 3, third sentence, shall apply.

§ 5 If the defect lies in failure to fulfill the notification requirement mentioned in art. 211 § 3, the commission shall request the person notifying the list to remove it within 3 days; provision of art. 212 § 6 does not apply. In the case of defects not removed within the specified time, the commission decides to refuse to register the list in its entirety.