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Article 221

§ 1 The District Election Commission shall draft an official announcement regarding the registered lists of candidates, which announcement shall include the numbers allocated, the names and abbreviations of the election committees as well as information about the candidates contained in the notification of candidacy, including, the contents of the statement required by Article. Paragraph 7. 1 of the Act of 18 October 2006 on revealing information on documents of state security bodies from the years 1944-1990 and the contents of these documents, to the extent specified in Article. 13 of the Act.

§ 2 The notice referred to in § 1 shall be sent to the Director of the relevant territorial office of the National Electoral Office, which provides for the printing and posting of the announcement in the electoral district no later than 10 days before election day. One copy of the announcement must be sent immediately to the National Electoral Commission.