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Article 55

1. A political party which nominated its federal list of candidates shall be entitled to appoint as many as 1000 proxies. A candidate nominated for a single-mandate electoral district shall be entitled to appoint up to 20 proxies. The said proxies shall be registered by the CEC, election commission of a Russian Federation subject, DEC within 5 days after the submission by political parties, candidates of written notice of the appointment of proxies and declarations of acceptance of office of such persons. List of proxies of a political party on paper and in machine-readable form shall be submitted to the CEC. The list of authorized representatives of candidates on paper and in machine-readable form is to be submitted to the DEC in the form established by the CEC. From June 1, 2015 a list of proxies in the paper and the text of the application proxy for consent shall be produced using the software on the basis of the document in a machine-readable form, drawn up in the form prescribed by the CEC.

2. The notice of the appointment of proxies shall indicate the surname, first name and patronymic, date of birth, number and date of issue of the passport or an equivalent identity document, place of employment and office held (if unemployed – occupation), residence address of each proxy.

3. The following persons shall not be appointed proxies: candidates to elected offices of any level, heads of local administrations, staff members of election commissions. Persons enrolled on state or municipal service may be appointed proxies provided they are relieved from office or office position for the period they are empowered with duties of proxies. Registration of proxies enrolled on state or municipal service shall be exercised under the condition copies of the respective order (resolution) are presented to:

1) the CEC - to the proxy of a political party;

2) the DEC - for the proxy of a candidate nominated for a single-mandate electoral district.

4. Certificates (ID cards) shall be issued to proxies by the CEC, proxies of candidates nominated in single-mandate electoral district - to the relevant DEC. At the request of proxies the employer shall grant them an unpaid leave of absence for the period during which they are to exercise the powers of a proxy.

5. Proxies shall participate in the election campaign of the political party which appointed them. A proxy shall have no powers of an observer.

6. Political parties which appointed proxies may, at any time, recall them and appoint other proxies in their place by serving a notice to this effect on the CEC, DEC, which shall annul certificates issued to the recalled proxies. Proxies may, at any time, resign their powers on their own initiative by returning their certificates to the CEC, DEC and notifying the political party of their decision.

7. The powers of proxies shall commence from the day when proxies are registered by the CEC, DEC and cease when a candidate's status is lost by all candidates nominated on a federal list of candidates by a political party, as otherwise provided for in part 6 hereof, but not later than the day of the official publication of the election results of deputies of the State Duma. 8. Registration of a proxy shall be annulled by the CEC, DEC if the proxy acquires a status incompatible with the status of a proxy. The political party shall be notified of such decision within three days.