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Article 250

§ 1 The order of the Marshal of the Sejm on the expiry of the mandate of a deputy on the grounds referred to in Article. 247 § 1 point 2-7 and the reasons shall be served immediately on the deputy. The order may be appealed by the deputy to the Supreme Court within 3 days of the service of the notice of the order. The appeal must be filed through the Speaker of the Sejm.

§ 2 The Supreme Court - Chamber of Labour, Social Security and Public Affairs shall consider the appeals referred to in § 1, and decide the matter within 7 days in non-litigious proceedings. A copy of the order of the Supreme Court shall be served on the deputy, who has made the appeal, Speaker of the Sejm and the National Electoral Commission. In case of failure of the appeal provisions of Article. 249 § 2 and 3 shall apply.