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Article 48

(1) The deposit referred to in section 47 shall be returned where the candidate -

(a) withdraws his candidature in accordance with section 54,
(b) dies before the poll is closed,
(c) has not, before the expiration of the time for the receipt of nominations, been validly nominated as a candidate,
(d) is elected, or
(e) is not elected but the greatest number of votes credited to him at any stage of the counting of votes at the election exceeds -

(i) in the case of a general election, one quarter of the quota, or
(ii) in the case of a bye-election, one quarter of what would have been the quota in that constituency were the full number of members of the Dáil for the existing constituency to be elected.

(2) Any deposit which is not returned under the foregoing subsection shall be forfeited.

(3) Where a deposit is to be returned under subsection (1) it shall be returned to the person by whom it was made, provided that a deposit made by a person who dies before the deposit is returned shall be returned to his personal representative.

(4) A deposit forfeited under this section shall be disposed of by the returning officer in such manner as may be directed by the Minister for Finance.

(5) In this section ‘personal representative’ has the meaning assigned to it by section 3 of the Succession Act 1965.