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Article 24

1. Delivery of candidature papers means delivery of the list containing the names and other identification details of the list candidates and representative, as well as the candidature statements, and also, in the case of a list delivered by a coalition, indication of the party each candidate belongs to.

2. For the purposes of that stipulated in no.1, identification details are understood as the following: age, parentage, profession, birthplace and residence, as well the number, issuing department and date of issue of the identity card.

3. The candidature statement is signed jointly or separately by the candidates and must state that:

a) The candidates are not ineligible for any reason;

b) The candidates are not candidates for any other constituency nor are they on any other candidature list;

c) The candidates accept to be nominated for the party or electoral coalition delivering the list;

d) The candidates agree with the list representative as indicated in the list.

4. Each list must be comprised of the following documents:

a) Certificate, or certified copy of certificate from the Constitutional Court proving registration of the political party and the respective date and also, in the case of a list delivered by a coalition, documents proving the requirements set in no. 1 of article 22;

b) Certificate of registration in the register of electors for each of the candidates, as well as for the representative, identifying them in accordance with the details outlined in no. 2