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Article 101

(1) Subject to the provisions of sections 38, 64, 79, 99, 100, 103, 104, 105 and 111, the presiding officer shall deliver a ballot paper to a Dáil elector who applies therefor and declares his name and address.

(2) Immediately before a ballot paper is delivered to a Dáil elector—

(a) the number (including polling district letter) and name of the elector as stated in the register shall be called out,
(b) the ballot paper shall be marked with the official mark,
(c) a mark shall be placed in the register against the number of the elector to denote that a ballot paper has been issued to that elector but without showing the number of the ballot paper so issued.

(3) A Dáil elector on receiving the ballot paper shall (subject to the provisions of section 103) go alone into one of the compartments in the polling station and there shall secretly record his vote on the ballot paper and fold the paper so that his vote is concealed. He shall then return to the presiding officer's table, show the back of the folded paper to the presiding officer so as to disclose the official mark and then put the folded paper into the ballot box. He shall vote without undue delay and shall leave the polling station as soon as he has put his ballot paper into the ballot box.