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Article 44

The Right to Withdraw or Supplement Electoral Application Documents

1. A party or election coalition, as well as a person who has been nominated or who has declared himself to be a candidate for Seimas member in single-member constituency or is registered in the list of a political organisation, may at any time, but no later than 28 days before the election, declare their application documents fully or partially withdrawn. A party or election coalition shall notify the Central Electoral Commission thereof by a statement, the citizen - by a notarised statement and the relevant election representatives in the Central Electoral Commission shall be notified thereof. If application documents are withdrawn, the election deposit may be refunded only after the election, provided it becomes refundable as stipulated in Article 41 of this Law. It shall be allowed to additionally submit, before the deadline for the filing of application documents set in paragraph 5 of a 38 of this Law, new application documents when altering the sequence of candidates on a list of candidates or when nominating new candidates in single- member constituencies.

2. If the application documents are withdrawn by a party that has formed a coalition, the candidates nominated by it shall be struck off the joint list of candidates, and, if the name of the coalition contains a reference to its name, the name of the coalition shall be changed. In such case it is necessary to notify in writing the election representatives of the coalition partners in the Central Electoral Commission. If, upon withdrawal of the electoral application documents, thecandidates of only one party remain on the coalition’s joint list of candidates, they will participate in the election only as the nominees of that party.

3. If, upon withdrawal of application documents or annulment of the candidates’ registration, there are less than 20 candidates left on the list of candidates, the registration of all the candidates of this list shall be annulled.