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Article 93

1. The chairman of the polling station should order out of the location citizens who cannot vote there, unless they are candidates, representatives or delegates of the lists.

2. An exception is made to this rule for media agents, who can go to the polling stations or sections to obtain images or other journalistic elements.

3. The media agents must:

a) Identify themselves before the electoral office before starting their activity, showing documents proving their profession and identification of the body they represent;

b) Not collect images, or in any way approach the polling booths to the point of impairing the secrecy of vote;

c) Not obtain other journalistic elements that may violate the secrecy of vote, either inside the polling station, or outside it, up to a distance of 500m;

d) In general, not disturb the electoral operations.

4. Images or other journalistic elements obtained under the terms mentioned in the previous number can only be transmitted after the closure of the polling stations or sections.