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Section 18

List of candidates

(1) A list of candidates may be submitted by any political party which is registered pursuant to a separate law;[10]it shall be delivered by the political party's plenipotentiary to the electoral officer of the Central Electoral Commission in two counterpart copies and in electronic form not later than ninety days before polling day.

(2) Political parties may form a coalition and submit a joint list of candidates pursuant to subsection (1). A political party which is a member of a coalition may not submit a separate list of candidates.

(3) A list of candidates shall include:

a) the unabbreviated name of the political party or coalition;

b) a list stating the first name and surname of each candidate, his or her academic title, date of birth, employment, address of permanent residence, and place on the list of candidates in the form of an Arabic numeral; and

c) the signature of a statutory representative of the political party and the stamp of the party; for a coalition, the list of candidates shall include the signature of a statutory representative of each political party of the coalition and the stamp of each party.

(4) There must be attached to a list of candidates:

a) a declaration signed by each candidate on the list that he or she consents to being a candidate, is not a candidate on another list of candidates and is not aware of anything which disqualifies him or her from being elected;

b) confirmation that the election deposit of five hundred thousand Slovak crowns (in this Act referred to as "the deposit") has been paid; and

c) a statement on the designation of a plenipotentiary and his or her substitute by the political party or coalition, which states his or her first name, surname and precise address to which documents may be delivered.

(5) On its list of candidates, a political party or coalition may not include more than one hundred and fifty candidates.  

(6) On its list of candidates, a political party or coalition may include its emblem.

(7) The deposit shall be paid into a special account of the Ministry held at the State Treasury, unless a separate law[11] provides for different administration of accounts of the Ministry. The deposit shall be paid not later than one hundred and five days before polling day. The Ministry shall return the deposit to a political party or coalition which obtains not less than three per cent of the valid votes cast, and it shall do so not later than one month after the announcement of the election results. Deposits which are unreturned shall be deemed revenue of the state budget. 

(8) Neither the plenipotentiary of a political party or coalition, nor his or her substitute, may be a candidate. A political party or coalition is bound by acts in electoral matters carried out by its plenipotentiary. If a political party or coalition replaces its plenipotentiary with his or her substitute, it shall so inform the Central Electoral Commission in writing and without delay. 

(9) The electoral officer shall establish whether each submitted list of candidates fulfils the terms pursuant to subsection (3) and whether the documents pursuant to subsection (4) are attached to it. If either is not the case, the electoral officer shall challenge the plenipotentiary of the respective political party or coalition to rectify the list of candidates and shall designate a reasonable period for doing so.

(10) The electoral officer shall submit the lists of candidates to the Central Electoral Commission for its first meeting to examine and register.