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Section 31

Order in the polling station

(1) The chairperson of a polling district commission, and in his or her absence the deputy chairperson, shall be responsible for maintaining order in the polling station.

(2) Instructions issued by the chairperson or deputy chairperson of a polling district commission on maintaining order in the polling station and on the proper  conduct of polling shall be binding on all present. 

(3) Persons entitled to be present in a polling station shall include apart from members of the polling district commission, its electoral officer, members of higher electoral commissions, members of their expert summary bodies, and electors, also anyone who has expressed interest in observing the conduct of the elections and counting of votes and observers sent by international organisations. Such a person may be excluded from a polling station where his or her presence would pose a threat to public order or for reasons of space in the polling station. 

(4) It is forbidden to electioneer at a polling station on behalf of a contesting political party, coalition, or candidate.