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Section 35

Postal voting by electors who have permanent residence in the Slovak Republic and who are outside its territory at the time of the elections

(1) An elector with permanent residence in the Slovak Republic who will be outside its territory at the time of the elections may make  a request in writing to vote by post to the municipality in which he or she has permanent residence. The request must be delivered not later than fifty days before polling day.

(2) The municipality shall send the elector not later than thirty-five days before polling day to his or her designated address of permanent residence abroad: 

a) an envelope pursuant to section 28,

b) ballot papers,

c) a return envelope, and

d) instructions on how to vote.

(3) The return envelope must be marked with the words "POSTAL VOTE". There must be written on it the address of the municipal authority as the addressee and the address of the elector abroad as the sender.

(4) For voting, section 30(5) shall where necessary.

(5) After placing the ballot paper into the envelope, the elector shall place the sealed envelope into the return envelope and send it by post. The postal charge shall be paid by the elector.   

(6) Only votes on those ballot papers delivered not later than the last working day before polling day shall be counted towards the election result.

(7) Return envelopes delivered in a period pursuant to subsection (6) shall be submitted by the municipality to the respective polling district commission before the end of polling.

(8) In the presence of a representative of the municipality, the polling district commission shall circle in the electoral register the numbers of those electors who sent return envelopes and shall mark them as postal votes. It shall then open the return envelopes and take out the envelopes with ballot papers; the representative of the municipality shall then place these envelopes into the ballot box.