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Article 105

1. The secretary is responsible for drawing up the minutes of the voting and counting operations.

2. The minutes must include:

a) The registration numbers on the register of electors and the names of the members of the electoral office and the delegates of the lists;

b) The opening and closing time of the voting, and the location of the polling station or section;

c) The decisions made by the electoral office during the operations;

d) The total number of registered electors and voters;

e) The registration number on the register of electors of the electors who used early vote;

f) The number and name of the electors whose copy of the receipt of vote by post mentioned in no. 11 of article 79 has been received without the electoral office receiving the corresponding ballot paper, or vice-versa;

g) The number of votes obtained by each list, the number of blank votes and the number of null votes;

h) The number of ballot papers that were subject to complaint or protest;

i) The discrepancies in the count, if any, mentioned in no. 3 of article 101, with accurate indication of the differences found;

j) The number of complaints, protests and counter-protests attached to the minutes.

l) Any other occurrences the electoral office may deem worth to mention.