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Article 65

Determining Voter’s Identity

1. At the entrance to the polling station, a voter shall present his passport or other identity document to an electoral committee member of the polling district; he may also present a poll card. In the polling districts which are connected to the electronic electoral roll via electronic means of communication it shall be noted in the electronic electoral roll that a voter has arrived to vote. Upon having established that the voter has arrived at the polling district on the electoral roll of which he has been entered, the committee member shall hand the voter an arrival card stamped with the seal of the polling district and indicating which the voter was to come to the polling station to vote and shall show the committee member to be applied to for a ballot. It shall not be allowed to hand several arrival cards to one voter or to hand in to a voter another voter’s arrival card. If upon arriving at the polling station, the person does not have the required documents or it is not clear whether he has been entered on the electoral roll of this polling district, the committee member shall not hand the arrival card to this person; instead, the person shall be handed a guest’s card and shall be referred to the committee chairman or deputy chairman to clarify his voting status.

2. The committee member who is tasked with handing ballot papers, having established on the basis of the produced documents that the person who arrived to vote is indeed the citizen who has been entered on the electoral roll, or if two citizens of the Republic of Lithuania entered on the electoral roll of that polling district testify to this fact in writing to the electoral committee chairman, shall find the name of the voter on the electoral roll, and shall take the voter certificateand the arrival card from the person. After the voter and the committee member who hands ballot papers sign in the electoral roll of the polling district, the voter shall be handed ballot papers - one for a single-member constituency and the other for the multi-member constituency. The arrival card shall not be returned to the voter. In voting by post, early voting or voting at home an entry shall be made on the voter certificate concerning the issue of a ballot paper, and the voter certificate shall be returned to the voter.

3. It shall be prohibited to hand the voter the ballot paper (ballot papers) of another person, except for the case laid down in paragraph 5 of Article 66 of this Law. The member of an electoral committee who violates this provision shall be liable under the law of the Republic of Lithuania.