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Article 40

1. All the candidates shall have equal rights and incur equal obligations with the exception of the cases as set forth by this Federal Law and by the Federal Law On Basic Guarantees of Voting Rights and the Right to Take Part in a Referendum Belonging to the Russian Federation Citizens. (as amended by Federal Law No. 93-FZ of July 21, 2005)

2. The only persons entitled to act on behalf of the candidates are their duly authorized representatives for financial issues or agents.

3. The candidates shall lose the rights conferred and be released from the obligations imposed on them by the status of a candidate (except for the obligation to provide the final financial statement) if they fail to submit the documents as required for registration purposes to the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation within the period as established by clause 1.1 of Article 37 hereof; if their registration was denied unless the resolution on registration denial is disputed in court or provided that in case of such dispute the validity of the resolution is confirmed by an effective court decision; if they withdrew their candidatures; if they were recalled by political parties which nominated them and, as far as all the registered candidates are concerned, if they lost their status subject to clause 8 of article 42 of this Federal Law. (as amended by Federal Laws No. 93-FZ of July 21, 2005 and 64-FZ of April 26, 2007)