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Article 83

Prohibitions and safety measures to be taken in polling station 

(Change: 8/4/2010-5980/14 art.)

In the polling station, no other people are allowed other than those who are permitted to be in and the police forces who are responsible of providing the safety of elections.

Other than police forces who are responsible of providing the safety of elections, individuals carrying guns such as private safety officers and municipal police officers, are not allowed to enter in polling station. 

In case there are violations of these provisions or actions against law or crimes, necessary transactions are being undertaken by the police powers who are invited to the polling station. In case the absence of responsible of the buildings, these authorities are being undertaken by president of ballot box committee or any members assigned by the president.   In the polling station, no one is allowed to carry any symbols, pins, any other materials or publishing with the purpose of propaganda of a political party or candidate, and is not allowed to make any verbal or visual propaganda. President of District Election Board takes necessary precautions to provide people obeying the prohibitions defined in this law and prevents all kinds of actions that may hinder  voters exercising their voting rights and their free entry to ballot  area. Administrative and governing authorities have to follow the instructions of presidents of District Election Boards.