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Article 87


(Change : 17/5/1979 - 2234/1 art.)

Identification of voters registered in ballot electoral lists is determined by official documents including the identification number such as identification card and any other official documents. Supreme Election board determines and announces prior to elections which documents will be accepted valid for identification process.  Identification documents arranged by municipalities and mukhtar offices are not considered valid in implementation of this article.(1)

(Repealed second clause: 13/3/2008-5749/15 art.)

(Additional clause: 8/4/2010-5980/16 art.) For any voters to exercise his voting right by presenting an identification document without Republic of Turkey identification number on it, he should also present voters information document or any documents to prove his identification which have been announced by Supreme Electoral  Council prior to elections.  (Additional clause: 8/4/2010-5980/16 art.) For voters who are in penal institutions or have been convicted from inattentive offenses, document delivered by administration of penal institution, are accepted as identification document.