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Article 25

Rectifying of Faults

(1) The District Returning Officer must examine the constituency nominations immediately upon receipt. If he finds faults in a constituency nomination, he shall immediately notify the spokesperson and demand him or her to rectify the faults that can be corrected in due time.

(2) After expiration of the submission period for nominations, faults may only be rectified in nominations which are otherwise valid. A nomination shall not be deemed valid if  

1. the form or deadline prescribed in Paragraph (2) has not been observed,

2. the valid signatures required pursuant to Article 20 (2), sentences 1 and 2, and Paragraph (3), together with proof that the signatories are eligible to vote, are missing, unless such proof cannot be furnished on time due to circumstances beyond the control of the person eligible to make the nomination,

3. in the case of a party nomination, the name of the party has been omitted, the recognition of party status required under Article 18 (2) above has been refused, or the proof required under Article 21 has not been furnished,

4. the candidate has not been adequately designated, so that his identity cannot be established, or

5. the candidate has not given his written consent.

(3) No faults of any kind may be rectified after a decision has been made on the approval of a constituency nomination (Article 26 (1), sentence 1).

(4) The spokesperson may appeal to the District Electoral Committee against orders is-sued by the District Returning Officer in proceedings concerning the rectifying of faults.