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Article 93

Using of combined ballot papers and marking :

(Change: 17/5/1979 - 2234/1 art.)

 After folding and sticking the combined ballot paper, voter leaves the place and personally throws the envelope inside the ballot.

Blinds, apoplectics, or those who have visible disability, may use their votes in company of their relatives in same precinct, and if not with the company of another voter. Disabled voters are not accompanied by more than one person. (1)

(Change third clause: 13/3/2008-5749/9 art.) President of the board, after returning the identification card to the voter, has the voters signature on the list. If the voter is not able to sign, fingertip of his left thumb is taken. If the voter does not have this finger, it is written on minute book of which finger the print is taken from.  Voting of voters who are not registered in electoral list