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Article 26

Approval of Constituency Nominations

(1) The District Electoral Committee shall decide on the approval of constituency nominations on the fifty-eighth day before the election. It shall reject constituency nominations if they

. are submitted too late, or

2. do not meet the requirements set forth in this Law and in the Federal Electoral Regulations, unless something different is specified in these provisions.

The decision must be announced at the meeting of the District Electoral Committee.

(2) If the District Electoral Committee rejects a constituency nomination, an appeal may be lodged with the Land Electoral Committee within three days of the announcement of the decision. The spokesperson for the constituency nomination, the Federal Returning Officer and the District Returning Officer shall be eligible to lodge an appeal. The Federal Returning Officer and the District Returning Officer may also appeal against a decision by which a constituency nomination is approved. The persons concerned attending the appeal proceedings must be heard. The decision on the appeal must be taken not later than the fifty-second day before the election.

(3) The District Returning Officer shall make the approved constituency nominations public not later than the forty-eighth day before the election.