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Article 37

Collecting of Voter Signatures

1. At least 20,000 voter signatures as prescribed in Article 79 of the Constitution must be collected on the form for the collection of signatures, which shall contain the following text:
“I, as a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania, confirm my support for the application of ..........................................................................................(the person's name and surname) to participate in the election of .. ....... .... (day, month, year) as a candidate for President.
Serial No Individual’s Surname, Name Series and No of the Document Confirming Citizenship of Lithuania
Date of Birth Permanent Place of Residence
Signature and Date"

2. The name and surname of the individual who has collected the signatures shall be indicated at the bottom of the form for the collection of voter signatures as well as the series and number of the document confirming her/his citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania, her/his permanent place of residence and signature.

3. All information on forms for the collection of voter signatures shall be filled out and signed by the voters themselves. If a voter cannot fill out and sign the form because of her/his physical handicaps, illness or due to any other reason, another individual shall do this upon her/his request. Such fact must be indicated by an appropriate inscription on the form for the collection of signatures of voters and certified by the signature of the person who collects voters’ signatures. The said person must verify the identity of the individual signing the form as well as the accuracy of the data entered. A voter may support each candidate for President only once.

4. Forms for the collection of voter signatures shall be issued by the CEC directly to individuals who have announced in writing their participation as candidates in an election of the President and, upon the request of these individuals - to people indicated by them.

5. Voters may support electronically a candidate for President in accordance with the procedure laid down by the CEC.