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Article 56

Voting Procedure

1. Having been issued the ballot, a voter shall go into a voting booth and mark the ballot personally. Only one voter at a time may enter a voting booth and stay there, with the exception of the case referred to in paragraph 5 of this Article.

2. On a ballot a voter shall mark the name of that candidate for President whom s/he is voting for.

3. A voter shall personally put her/his ballot in the ballot box.

4. If a voter requests, spoilt ballots shall be exchanged for new ones by the decision of the PEC. The PEC chairperson shall cross the spoilt ballot with a fountain pen (ball-point pen) and shall sign it. The PEC secretary and one of the PEC members shall also sign the spoilt ballot. Spoilt ballots shall be kept separately.

5. Voters who because of physical handicaps, illness or any other reason cannot carry out the actions referred to in this Article may choose another person to mark the ballots for them.
This person must complete the ballot in the voter’s presence under her/his instructions, preserve the secrecy of voting and put the ballot in the ballot box in the voter’s presence. The PEC chairperson, PEC members, observers and representatives for elections shall be prohibited from carrying out voting-related actions for the person who cannot carry out these actions because of physical handicaps, illness or any other reason.