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Article 14

1 In every polling station, a report shall be drawn up on the result of the vote which states the total number of persons eligible to vote and the number of Swiss citizens resident abroad who are eligible to vote, the total number of voters, the total number of blank, invalid and valid ballot papers, and the number of votes cast in favour of and against the proposal.1

2 The report shall be sent to the cantonal government. The cantonal government shall compile the provisional results from the entire canton, notify the Federal Chancellery of the results and publish the same in the official cantonal gazette within 13 days of the polling day. If necessary, the cantonal government shall publish a special issue of the official cantonal gazette.2

3 The cantons shall submit the report, and if so requested, the ballot papers, to the Federal Chancellery within ten days of expiry of the period allowed for an appeal to be lodged (Art. 79 para. 3). Following validation of the result of the vote, the ballot papers shall be destroyed.

1 Amended by No I of the Federal Act of 21 June 1996, in force since 1 April 1997 (AS 1997 753; BBl 1993 III 445). 2 Amended by No I of the Federal Act of 21 June 2002, in force since 1 Jan. 2003 (AS 2002 3193; BBl 2001 6401).