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Article 21

1 Cantonal law shall specify one Monday in the August of the election year as the final date for the submission of candidate lists, and it shall stipulate the authority to which the lists should be submitted.2

2 The candidate lists must arrive at the cantonal authority on the final date for submission at the latest.

3 The cantons shall notify the Federal Chancellery of each candidate list without delay.

1 Amended by No I of the Federal Act of 18 March 1994, in force since 15 Nov. 1994 (AS 1994 2414; BBl 1993 III 445). 2 Amended by No I of the Federal Act of 26 Sept. 2014 (National Council elections), in force since 1 Nov. 2015 (AS 2015 543; BBl 2013 9217).