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Article 22

1 A candidate list may contain no more names of persons eligible for election than the number of seats in the National Council that have been allocated to the constituency, and no name may appear more than twice on any list. Where a candidate list contains more than the maximum number of names, the last names on the list shall be deleted.

2 The candidate lists must provide the following details for each candidate:

official surname and first names;

the name by which the person is known in politics or in everyday life;


date of birth;

home address including postcode;

place and canton of origin; and

  1. 1

3 Each candidate must confirm in writing that they accept their nomination. In the absence of such confirmation, the name of the candidate shall be deleted from the list.2

1 Amended by No I of the Federal Act of 26 Sept. 2014 (National Council elections), in force since 1 Nov. 2015 (AS 2015 543; BBl 2013 9217). 2 Inserted by No I of the Federal Act of 18 March 1994, in force since 15 Nov. 1994 (AS 1994 2414; BBl 1993 III 445).