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Article 31

1 Two or more electoral lists may at the latest by the end of the period allowed for rectification (Art. 29 paragraph 4) be combined with each other by means of a unanimous declaration of the signatories or their agents. Within a combined electoral list, only electoral list sub-combinations are permitted.

1bis List sub-combinations are valid only in the case of electoral lists with the same designation that differentiate themselves from each other solely by an additional designation indicating a distinction that is based on sex, the wing of a political group, region, or age.

2 List combinations and list sub-combinations must be indicated on pre-printed ballot papers.

3 Declarations relating to electoral list combinations and electoral list sub-combinations may not be revoked.

1 Amended by No I of the Federal Act of 18 March 1994, in force since 15 Nov. 1994 (AS 1994 2414; BBl 1993 III 445).