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Article 32a

1 If a multiple candidacy is discovered following the rectification of the candidate lists, the candidacy concerned shall be declared invalid on all the lists affected:

by the canton, where the same candidate appears on more than one list in that canton;

by the Federal Chancellery, where the same candidate appears on lists in more than one canton.

2 The cantons concerned and the Federal Chancellery shall inform each other immediately of the candidacies that have been declared invalid.

3 Where possible, the names of persons whose candidacy has been declared invalid shall be deleted from the lists before they are published.

4 The declaration of the invalidity of a candidacy on lists that have already been published shall be published immediately in electronic form in the Federal Gazette and in the official gazette of all the cantons concerned.

1 Inserted by No I of the Federal Act of 26 Sept. 2014 (National Council elections), in force since 1 Nov. 2015 (AS 2015 543; BBl 2013 9217).