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Article 106

(1) The Commission shall, not later than on the working day following that on which the result of the counting of the votes has been ascertained, publish a declaration containing the names of the candidates elected and such other particulars as the Commission may consider necessary.

(2) The Commission shall deposit the declaration aforesaid with the Clerk of the House and shall cause a copy of such declaration to be published without delay in the Gazette.

(3) Every candidate whose name is published in the Gazette in accordance with the provisions of subsection (1) of section 54 or who is declared elected in accordance with the provisions of this section shall be considered to be a Member of the House of Representatives.

(4) The Commission shall publish in the Gazette not later than seven days after the end of counting a declaration of the results of the election which declaration shall include a record of the total votes cast, both on a national level and subdivided by polling booth the total valid and invalid votes, the total votes credited to each political party, the quota for each electoral division, the record and result in all stages of any transfer of votes between political parties, the first preference credited, to each candidate, any transfer of votes made, and of the total number of votes credited to each candidate after any such transfer, and any such other information as the Electoral Commission may consider necessary. Such declaration shall be in such form as the Electoral Commission may determine as likely to impart easily all the information likely to be required by the public.

(5) Within three months of the publication of the official results of the election the Election Commission shall publish a report explaining in detail what steps were taken by them to perform the various duties imposed on them by this Act, to give all relevant statistics connected with the election including the publication of all statistics regarding eligible voters, printing and distribution of voting documents and ballot papers, voters per polling place, returns submitted by Assistant Commissioners and the like, and to make such suggestions as they consider necessary.