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Article 107

(1) The Commission shall preserve until the publication of the official results of the next following election all used ballot papers for each electoral division in separate sealed packets, as follows --

(a) the spoilt ballot papers;

(b) the invalid ballot papers;

(c) the papers at the completion of the counting in the parcel of each elected candidate and of each non-elected candidate whose papers have not been transferred;

(d) all the non-transferable papers not retained in the parcel of an elected candidate.

(2) The Commissioners shall endorse on each packet a description of its contents, the date of the election and the number of the electoral division to which they relate.

(3) The Commission shall further preserve for the same period for each electoral division a copy of the declaration of the result of the count and of any document showing the operations of the transfer of each surplus.

(4) Party delegates, candidates, candidates' agents and counting agents shall have the right to affix their seals and signatures to such packets.