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Article 53.

The Procedure for Nomination of MP Candidates by a Party

1. The nomination of MP candidates, the formation and approval of a party’s electoral list of MP candidates in the nationwide election district, as well as the nomination of a party’s MP


candidates in single-mandate election districts, shall be conducted by the party at its congress (meeting, conference) pursuant to the procedure prescribed by the party’s charter.

2. A party may nominate as an MP candidate a person who is either a member of that party or not a member of any party, provided that the person shall have the right to be elected an MP under Article 9 of this Law.

3. A party shall be entitled to nominate: 1) an electoral list of the MP candidates, consisting of no more than 225 persons, for the nationwide election district; 2) one MP candidate in each single-mandate election district.

4. The form for a party’s electoral list of MP candidates shall be approved by the Central Election Commission at least one hundred twenty days prior to the day of voting.