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Article 105.11

(1) If at the end of any count no candidate has a surplus and one or more vacancies remain unfilled, the Commission shall exclude from the poll the candidate credited with the lowest number of votes; shall examine all the papers of that candidate; shall sort the transferable papers into sub-parcels according to the next available preferences recorded thereon for continuing candidates; shall transfer each sub-parcel to the candidate for whom that preference is recorded; and shall make a separate sub- parcel of the non-transferable papers.

(2) If the total of the votes of the two or more candidates lowest on the poll is less than the number of the votes credited to the next highest candidate the Commission may at the same count exclude those candidates from the poll and transfer their votes as in this regulation provided.

(3) If, when a candidate has to be excluded, two or more candidates have each the same number of votes and are lowest on the poll, the candidate with the lowest number of votes at the first count at which the candidates in question had an unequal number of votes shall be excluded, and, where the numbers of votes credited to those candidates were equal at all counts, the Commission shall decide by lot which shall be excluded.