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Article 13

Those who want to apply independently to mayor, municipal council or provisional council memberships, apply to the presidencies of District Election Boards with a petition indicating that they are eligible to be elected in competence with conditions and qualifications subject to this Law.   

             (Change : 7/12/1988 - 3507/3 art.) Independent candidates may apply for candidacy until the date of primary elections determined by Supreme Election Council.  

             District Election Boards also announce the lists related to independent candidates in related electoral zone with accustomed methods. 

             (Addendum: 28/12/1993 - 3959/11 art.) Those who apply for independent candidacy, deposit the money equal to the gross monthly wage of a public servant with highest rank to subdivision of Treasury and add the receipt to their petition of candidacy. 

             (Addendum: 28/12/1993 - 3959/11 art.) This amount is recorded as revenue to Treasury.