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Article 2

General principles to be implemented in election  

(1) President is elected by public.   

(2) The election is executed equal and secret ballot on the same day throughout the country under the management and monitoring of jurisdiction. The voting of the Turkish citizens living overseas is undertaken within the provisions of 26/4/1961 dated and 298 numbered Law on Basic Provisions on Elections and Voters Registers.  

(3) The voter casts his vote himself and in full freedom.

(4) Counting, tabulating and preparing minutes for the votes are made in open.

(5) Unless otherwise is specifically mentioned in this Law, the provisions, their attachments and amendments that are not against this Law of 298 numbered law, 22/4/1983 dated and 2820 numbered Political Parties Act, 10/6/1983 dated and 2839 numbered Parliamentary Elections Law, 18/1/1984 dated and 2972 numbered Local Administrations and Neighborhood Mukhtars and Board of Alderman Elections, 23/5/1987 dated and 3376 numbered Law on Presenting Constitutional Amendments to Referendum, are applied.   

Supreme Election Council, from the beginning till the end of elections, is authorized to make or to have it made all necessary transactions for the proper management and honesty of elections, to take necessary principal decisions, when considered necessary to shorten all durations defined in this Law and the Laws mentioned in fifth clause and to determine and announce.